Bluetooth Tablet Stand Keyboard
Bluetooth Tablet Stand Keyboard

Bluetooth Tablet Stand Keyboard

We have searched for months to find the most beautiful tablet keyboard to offer you.
With a brushed aluminium effect lightweight metal case this gift will make any recipient feel really special. Using 3.0 Bluetooth technology and able to take any tablet like device up to 25 cm wide (includes all iPads and popular Android tablets) this can be supplied with either a black or white key configuration and in either a UK or USA Key layout.
The innovative design provides a perfect 60 degree angle for viewing your device and is suitable for any size device up to 25cm. The item is supplied with cables to make a wired connection with the appropriate device if desired.
Can be used with any bluetooth device (we also tested it on our Apple and Android phones to type texts and it works perfectly).
With an amazing unit price we are sure this item will prove a winner.

Product Size: 260 x 180 x 12.5mm
Print area: 250 x 50mm
Product Colours Available: White, Black