Tripod Selfie Shutter
Tripod Selfie Shutter
Tripod Selfie Shutter

Tripod Selfie Shutter

This beautifully crafted piece of kit not only looks fantastic but is compact and allows your smartphone or camera to sit on virtually any uneven surface unlike any other selfie device.

Packed in a stylish gift box this three part kit comprises a sturdy phone/camera holder which ensures the device is firmly held and cannot fall off. This holder is easily screwed into a matt silver tripod which has an infinite number of positions to place the device taking the shot.
Finally a slim lightweight Bluetooth shooter device which easily matches with any other Bluetooth device allows you to take the shot from up to a massive 20 metres away.

With two terrific print areas on the shooter, this makes not only a gift which anyone would love, but also provides brilliant brand reinforcement.

Product Size: Phone Camera Holder will take a device up to 80mm in width (iPhone 6 is approx. 60mm width).
Tripod height is 135mm.Shooter is 40mm x 40mm x 5mm

Product Size: See Product Description
Print area: 30mm x 15mm and 30mm x 30mm
Print Colours: Digitally Printed
Product Lead-time: 4 weeks